Here at Central Coast Heating we have all your wood heating needs covered. We have a great range of Australian-made wood heaters from brands Aranbe, Coonara and Heat Charm. What sets Central Coast Heating apart, is its Euro Fireplaces range. The European design offers great heat, efficiency and stunning looks. If you’re looking for something more than a traditional wood fire, then these fires are for you. These units all have different ranges and sizes to suit any purpose. We also have a range of Thermolux wood cookers and ovens. Also available is a small Nordic wood fire suitable for sheds.

We can arrange for the installation of your new fire also. Making sure that you are looked after effectively and appropriately. In our showroom we have a running, Euro Fireplaces’ Falun Ceramic, wood fire which keeps our showroom warm and toasty, even in the cold months.


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