Central Coast Heating now have access to a great range of electric heating options for your home or business. Having access to both Glen Dimplex and Real Flame electric fires along with NOBO panel heaters gives us great flexibility in offering you a range that has something to accommodate everyone. The great thing about electric heating is that it easy to set up and very convenient to operate, making it a great alternative for bedrooms or secondary living areas.

Real Flame electric fire wood look modern fireplace inbuilt

A newly released fire is the Real Flame IGNITE, which is a landscape shaped fire with a full front glass. These fires have a great electric flame with is created by mirrors and led lights. These fires have the option of changing the colours (8 to choose from) but also to change the thermostat temperature for heating. The ability to run a flame without heating the room makes it great option for warmer rooms or summer ambience.

Opti-V® is the redefinition of the electric fireplace, expanding the realm of possibilities where traditional wood or gas flame installations are not possible. Design without limitations to create a flame feature that completes your perfect room. Available in two sizes, the Opti-V Single and Double transform even the most sophisticated of rooms into positively stunning spaces guaranteed to impress and inspire.

NOBO panel heaters

The NOBO panel heaters are available on castors or wall mountable and come standard with a really accurate thermostat. All the sizes have the option to be purchased with a timer function and now can even be hooked up with your smart device via a HUD. The sizes are 0.75KW, 1KW, 1.25Kw, 1.5KW, 2KW, 2.25KW and physical size for these fires do vary as the heat output gets larger.

Want to know more?

The latest technology in Electric flame fires is the OPTI-MIST fires where heating water is used to create a unique flame pattern. The “smoke and mirrors” is created by using lights to pass through the steam creating a flame that looks very realistic. This technology is available in a cassette to build in, but also in a range of freestanding or wall mount options.