Why purchase a wood heater from Central Coast Heating?

Central Coast Heating stock a great range of wood fires both inbuilt and freestanding and from variety of brands. This means that, you can be assured, there will be something to suit your situation and budget. To go along with this, there is also have a range of Thermolux wood cookers and ovens available to us. 


We have a range of different flue kits and can arrange for the installation of your new fire also. So, at Central Coast Heating we like to make sure that you are looked after effectively and appropriately for any heater you have purchased from us. Also, we can also help advise on the location of your next wood heater in your house. 


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Where do the fires come from?

Most of the wood fires we sell at Central Coast Heating come from Australia or Europe. A lot of wood heaters sold in Australia today are imported with a high dependency on Chinese wood heaters. Brands like Saxon and Kent which used to be made in Australia and New Zealand are some of the well known brands made in China now.

Where possible we try to support local manufacturing, keeping Australians in Jobs.

Aranbe Heat are a family owned wood heating company in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs. Central Coast Heating have a large range of Aranbe Heaters on display to show you, with both freestanding and inbuilt models. Family owned and operated, with over 25 years you can trust that Aranbe heaters will preform for you.

Also made in Australia are brands Coonara, Heat Charm and Arrow. These brands are made by Shamic sheetmetal in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs. Shamic Sheetmetal are one of the largest sheetmetal factories in Australia and have been making heaters for many decades.

History and improvement of heaters

When in days gone by a wood heater could be made at a local sheetmetal/ engineering business. In todays world, wood heaters sold in Australia now need to be tested for emissions, efficiency and other important factors to ensure a safe and clean fire. This process costs upwards of $10,000 per model and can be the reason why there is not the options there used to be or why the heaters we sell are no longer made in the local engineering store. Due to this increase in testing cost and development costs in making heaters meet the current standard, prices of heaters have had to go up over the last decade or so.

All wood heaters sold on the Australia market today should have average effeciency rating of over 60% and emissions factor of less than 1.5g/kg.

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At Central Coast Heating we have a great range of products from Euro Fireplaces who import quality wood fires out of Europe. These fires are highly efficient, clean burning and stylish, designed and built in Europe so you know you are getting the best.

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Affordable wood heating options

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